The Crisis Next Door

The Crisis Next Door

A weekly look at global conflicts that are shaping the future of the world.
Host Jason Brooks will be interviewing experts and analysts to provide
insight as to why these conflicts matter to everyone.
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The Crisis Next Door

Somalia's Stubborn Insurgency

Thursday, February 13th
Al-Shabaab is showing no signs of slowing its deadly fight against government forces in Somalia. And Mogadishu may be forced to take on more of the fight...
The Crisis Next Door

Turkey And Syria On A Collision Course

Thursday, February 6th
Turkey is threatening to use overwhelming force against Syrian regime forces in the rebel enclave of Idlib in a confrontation that could further inflame Syria'...
The Crisis Next Door

Rohingya Hopes Of Return

Wednesday, January 29th
The Rohingya have often felt forgotten, cast aside by the global community after being brutally cast out of Myanmar. But the UN's top court is siding with...
The Crisis Next Door

Taiwan Pokes China

Friday, January 24th
The re-election of Taiwan's president Tsai Ing-wen has inflamed relations across the Taiwan Strait with China, which considers Taiwan a province, and not an...
The Crisis Next Door

Ottoman Memories Resurface In Libya

Tuesday, January 14th
Turkey is considering sending troops to help the U-N backed government in Tripoli against rebel Libyan forces advancing on the capital. That's prompting...
The Crisis Next Door

On The Brink With Iran

Wednesday, January 8th
Tensions are redlining between the U-S and Iran after the U-S killed Iran's top general, but does the Iranian missile attack on the Iraqi bases without causing...