The Crisis Next Door

The Crisis Next Door

A weekly look at global conflicts that are shaping the future of the world.
Host Jason Brooks will be interviewing experts and analysts to provide
insight as to why these conflicts matter to everyone.
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The Crisis Next Door

Yemen Spirals Into Despair

Monday, July 20th
Yemen's civil war has been as vicious as Syria's, and seems to be very far from ending, with neither side close to an outright victory. The war is growing more...
The Crisis Next Door

White Supremacists Target Women

Tuesday, June 23rd
The role of women in far right and white supremacist groups is gaining greater attention as calls for social justice echo across America and the world. These...
The Crisis Next Door

A Brave New Old World

Thursday, June 18th
The pandemic has touched all corners of the world, adding another layer of uncertainty during a time of regional wars, climate change and U-S retrenchment. In...
The Crisis Next Door

Hong Kong Civil Liberties Under Threat

Tuesday, June 9th
China wants to stop Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement from gaining any more momentum with new national security laws for the territory, immediately raising...
The Crisis Next Door

India And China High Altitude Face Off

Tuesday, June 2nd
Indian and Chinese soldiers are staring each other down at a crucial pass in the Himalayas. Its not the first time the rivals have been at the precipice of war...
The Crisis Next Door

Ukraine's Long Slog

Thursday, May 28th
War has been a constant in Ukraine's east for six years now and there's little sign of the fighting slowing down. Is peace realistic for Ukraine? The Crisis...