The Crisis Next Door

The Crisis Next Door

A weekly look at global conflicts that are shaping the future of the world.
Host Jason Brooks will be interviewing experts and analysts to provide
insight as to why these conflicts matter to everyone.
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The Crisis Next Door

A World In Pandemic

Monday, March 30th
Life forever changed when the coronavirus outbreak spread across the globe, affecting everyone. How will the world respond to the crisis, and what lessons are...
The Crisis Next Door

Coronavirus Holds The World Hostage

Monday, March 23rd
The Crisis Next Door heads to the home front with Jason Brooks doing his live reports for KCBS Radio in San Francisco from home. He has a few thoughts on the...
The Crisis Next Door

Turkey's Idlib Incursion

Wednesday, March 4th
Turkish and Syrian regime forces are blasting away at each other as Ankara sends troops pouring into Idlib, the last rebel enclave in Syria. The move also...
The Crisis Next Door

Moscow Wants Belarus To Play Along

Wednesday, February 26th
Russia has long considered Belarus as a natural ally against the West, but Minsk hasn't been as willing a partner as Moscow would like, and that could threaten...
The Crisis Next Door

Leaving ISIS Fighters In Limbo

Friday, February 21st
The old saying "you can't go home again" is on point when it comes to Islamic State fighters trying to return to their home countries. Indonesia and Malaysia...