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The All Local: Monday 4-20-20 Midday

Monday, April 20th
The homeless say they need more bathrooms to be opened up so they can stay clean and safe from Covid-19, San Francisco police are already out in Golden Gate...

The All Local: Friday 4-9-20 Evening

Friday, April 10th
The state is putting a whole lot of new resources into keeping the elderly people who live in assisted living facilities safe, the San Francisco Coalition on...

The All Local: Friday 4-10-20 Midday

Friday, April 10th
The Stanford blood center is looking for plasma donations from people who have recovered from COVID-19, the San Mateo Union High School District Board of...

The All Local: Thursday 4-9-20 Evening

Thursday, April 9th
For the first time during the coronavirus pandemic the number of Californians in intensive care units with COVID-19 has gone down, McDonald's workers across...

The All Local: Thursday 4-9-20 Midday

Thursday, April 9th
The coronavirus pandemic has people concerned about the affects it has had on the economy, districts across the state are scrambling to instruct teachers on...