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The All Local: Thursday 4-23-20 Evening

Thursday, April 23rd
California is marking a grim milestone with its deadliest day yet of the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial fishermen already struggling with supply chain problems...

The All Local: Wednesday 4-22-20 Evening

Wednesday, April 22nd
San Francisco leaders say their ultimate goal is to test everyone in the city for coronavirus, Governor Newsom laid out ambitious plans today to test and trace...

The All Local: Wednesday 4-22-20 Midday

Wednesday, April 22nd
Governor Gavin Newsom made announcements today about easing some of the shelter-in-place restrictions, Santa Clara County health officials say the recent news...

The All Local: Tuesday 4-21-20 Evening

Tuesday, April 21st
Governor Newsom warned today against reopening the state too quickly, there’s been an up-tick in visitors trying to access Mount Diablo State Park even though...

The All Local: Tuesday 4-21-20 Midday

Tuesday, April 21st
Glide Church in San Francisco’s tenderloin neighborhood is the center of activity for the San Francisco Police Department tactical squad, the Tenderloin area...

The All Local: Monday 4-20-20 Evening

Monday, April 20th
San Franciscans can now check the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in their immediate neighborhood, Governor Newsom and his wife announced a major initiative...