How to Bay Area

How to Bay Area

How to Bay Area is the show that teaches you how to get stuff done in the San
Francisco Bay Area. Become a master of Bay Area living by joining the KCBS
Radio news team as they explore questions like "how to make it in the local
music scene," "how to catch Dungeness crab" and "how to help limit hunger." 
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How to Bay Area

How to Reopen From the Covid Lockdown

Sunday, May 31st
On this edition of How to Bay Area, we consider the monumental effort to prepare the Bay Area for reopening from the Covid-19 lockdown, and why it is that...
How to Bay Area

How to Keep Your Home Virus Free

Tuesday, March 31st
Even the most rigorous social distancers among us will most likely need to venture outside every now and then, so when we do, how can we avoid bringing the...
How to Bay Area

How to Social Distance

Tuesday, March 31st
When it comes to sheltering in place it seems like there shouldn’t be that much too it: stay there, don’t move. But life is more complicated than that, and it’...
How to Bay Area

How to Respond to the Coronavirus

Friday, February 21st
Here in the Bay Area the number of people infected with coronavirus can still be counted on one hand, and all of them so far appear to have been isolated...
How to Bay Area

How to Prepare for Wildfires

Friday, August 2nd
As fire season gets ready to blaze into full force communities around California are getting ready too. In some places this means clearing out excess...