The Crisis Next Door

The Crisis Next Door

A weekly look at global conflicts that are shaping the future of the world.
Host Jason Brooks will be interviewing experts and analysts to provide
insight as to why these conflicts matter to everyone.
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The Crisis Next Door

Iran Clamps Down

Thursday, December 5th
Protests initially triggered by a sudden rise in gas prices have exploded into widespread anti-government demonstrations across Iran, and Tehran's violent...
The Crisis Next Door

The Unrelenting Hong Kong Protesters

Wednesday, November 20th
Tensions are red-lining and the violence continues to escalate with no end in sight for the Hong Kong demonstrations. In this episode of The Crisis Next Door,...
The Crisis Next Door

Rockets Over Israel

Friday, November 15th
Flare ups between Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza are nothing new, but the latest slugfest ratcheted tensions to an even higher level. Joining The...
The Crisis Next Door

Islamic State 2.0

Friday, November 8th
The Islamic State has lost another leader, but is the decapitation strategy employed against jihadist groups working? The Crisis Next Door host Jason Brooks...
The Crisis Next Door

Lebanon And Iraq Convulse

Wednesday, October 30th
Massive protests that started over checkbook issues in Lebanon and Iraq have morphed into demands for new governments in Beirut and Baghdad. The Crisis Next...
The Crisis Next Door

Chile Erupts

Wednesday, October 23rd
Violent protests are gripping Chile, one of South America's most affluent countries. What started as a demonstration against a metro fare hike has spread to a...