The Crisis Next Door

The Crisis Next Door

A weekly look at global conflicts that are shaping the future of the world.
Host Jason Brooks will be interviewing experts and analysts to provide
insight as to why these conflicts matter to everyone.

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The Crisis Next Door

Cameroon's Cry For Help

Tuesday, May 21st
The English-French divide is growing in Cameroon, with the civil war claiming more lives, and forcing families to seek shelter as their villages are burned to...
The Crisis Next Door

Persian Gulf Showdown

Wednesday, May 15th
The U-S and Iran seem closer to war than ever before, with the U-S beefing up its military presence in the Persian Gulf and Iran's leadership striking a...
The Crisis Next Door

Guaido's Gambit

Wednesday, May 1st
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is moving to end a months-long stalemate in the politically-torn country by calling for the overthrow of President...
The Crisis Next Door

The Senkaku Paradox

Thursday, April 18th
Could a small group of uninhabited islands spark a shooting war between the U-S and China? However unlikely that may seem, the possibility is growing and that'...
The Crisis Next Door

The Guns Of Tripoli

Wednesday, April 10th
Libya's coastal capitol Tripoli is facing an onslaught from a general hoping to push Islamist groups out of power, an offensive that's caught the world by...