When a Longtime Tech Advocate and Investor Speaks Out

KCBS Radio In Depth
Friday, April 12th
This week we present an interview originally recorded for the KCBS Radio podcast "10 Questions With Stan and Susan," hosted by KCBS Radio morning news team Stan Bunger and Susan Leigh Taylor. On the program: a talk about technology. Consider this: roughly 15 years ago, Facebook was only an idea. Today, the numbers would indicate three of every ten humans on this planet use Facebook at some time during any given month. But, whatever the early hope for Facebook might have been, there is a new reality today and it's not all rosy. The 10Q and In Depth guest is somebody who had a personal epiphany about Facebook: Roger McNamee, a longtime Silicon Valley venture capitalist who actually served as an informal advisor to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg at one point. Now, he's a founding advisor at the Center for Humane Technology, which he describes as "dedicated to helping consumers deal with the dark side of technology."