What's so "Bizarre" about California's New Election System?

KCBS Radio In Depth
Friday, December 14th
This year’s midterm elections have been dogged by allegations of voting irregularities with major controversies popping up in Florida, Arizona, Georgia, and more recently North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District. California’s election hasn’t escaped controversy either: In an interview with the Washington Post, House Speaker Paul Ryan called California's vote results "bizarre," and also expressed concern over the lengthy vote counting process. 

It's true, there has been a number of changes made to California's voting system in recent years. Those changes have all been aimed at making voting easier and more accessible, but they also come with the side effect of making election counts take considerably more time. But is California's drawn out, laborious process really so "bizarre?" 

On this In Depth, KCBS Radio's Keith Menconi takes a closer look at California's election reforms: Why they were put in place, how they impacted the 2018 midterms, and how California Republicans are responding.

Guests: David McCuan, professor of American Politics at Sonoma State University. Mike Madrid, Republican Political Consultant and Partner at GrassrootsLab.