What's Ahead for California Following Waterlogged Winter?

KCBS Radio In Depth
Friday, March 8th
Here in California when it rains, it pours. But how much good is all this water really doing us?

In this edition of In Depth we take on two water topics. First, there’s growing concern that a lot of the rainwater we've been getting is just going down the drain and out to sea. We plumb the depths of California's water system to find out where it's coming up short and what can be done to fix it.  

Then, new research suggests that the historical link between wet winters and less severe fire seasons has broken down. We discuss why even in the rainiest of years, we still can't count out damaging wildfires.

Host: KCBS Radio Reporter Keith Menconi


Heather Cooley, director of research at the Pacific Institute, a water think tank with offices in Oakland

Jennifer Pierre, the general manager for the State Water Contractors, an association of 27 public water agencies

Alan Taylor, professor of geography at Penn State University and an author of a study examining the relationship between wet winters and fire suppression