Utilities, Insurance Industry Adapt to California's Fire Disasters

KCBS Radio In Depth
Friday, December 14th
It’s now just over a month since the deadly Camp Fire tore through communities in Butte County, and the road to recovery remains daunting. But even beyond the monumental task of recovery and rebuilding, the disaster has also raised questions about how California does business given the “new normal” of a year-round fire season.

On this edition of In Depth, KCBS Radio's Keith Menconi discusses some of those questions, including why some are calling for a public takeover of PG&E, and how the spiraling fire losses are impacting California's insurance industry.

Guests: KCBS Radio reporter Carrie Hodousek; Professor Severin Borenstein, who directs the Energy Institute at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business; Chris Folkman, senior director of product management at catastrophe analytics company RMS. 

If you're a Californian who needs help with an insurance claim, the California Department of Insurance has resources to help, including their website -- which has a list of centers where the department's staff are on hand to assist wildfire survivors -- as well as a consumer hotline: (800) 927-4357