The Latest On Coronavirus Cases In California

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Monday, April 6th
The state of California has now recorded over 15-thousand COVID-19 cases, with 350 deaths.

Meantime, the number of people testing positive keeps going up in the East Bay.

Alameda County now has 566 confirmed cases with 12 deaths,  and Contra Costa County has 386 cases, with 6 deaths.

There are 3,623 cases in total in the Bay Area - and 89 deaths.

Santa Clara County remains the hardest hit area locally. Health officials there just yesterday announced 59 new cases, bringing the county's total to over 12 hundred. 

That's prompting officials to activate operations already set up inside the Santa Clara Convention Center. 

As KCBS Reporter Holly Quan tells us, two virus patients are waking up this morning in a new field hospital.