New Sense of Urgency as California Prepares for Fire Season

KCBS Radio In Depth
Saturday, July 13th
As fire season gets ready to blaze into full force communities around California are getting ready too. In some places this means clearing out excess vegetation, elsewhere it means hardening homes to make them more resilient to fire -- but no matter the work, it's more and more clear that Californians are approaching it with a new sense of urgency prompted by the past two years of devastating fire seasons. 

There is still more work to be done, and if we're lucky more time to do it, so on this edition of In Depth we speak to fire prevention experts to learn what steps we should all be taking to make sure our communities are well prepared if a major wildfire should strike. 

Host: KCBS reporter Keith Menconi

Todd Lando, executive coordinator at Fire Safe Marin
Lucas Spelman, Cal Fire Battalion Chief 

Firewise, a national program from the National Fire Protection Association, which recognizes communities that meet certain fire safety standards and provides those communities with support. Learn how to become a Firewise site here. And learn how to prepare your home for wildfire here.  
Cal Fire's Ready Fore Wildfire website with more helpful information on how to prevent the spread of wildfires.