The Loma Prieta Earthquake: Hour One of KCBS Radio Coverage (October 17, 1989)

The News Vault from KCBS Radio
Monday, October 14th
This is a “telescoped” reel of audio from the period between 5pm and 6pm on October 17, 1989 as KCBS Radio swings into gear after the Loma Prieta Earthquake—the first hour of coverage following the 5:03 pm quake. Jan Black is the studio anchor. Stan Bunger and Mike Woodley are at Candlestick Park.

Of note: a pre-recorded  safety announcement, which urged listeners to consult the front of their phone books for detailed information.  The first reports of the destruction of the elevated Cypress Freeway came 32 minutes after the quake struck. The first magnitude readings were broadcast nearly 40 minutes after the quake hit (originally referred to as 6.9 in Hollister area).  The first reports of the failure of a portion of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge came more than 45 minutes after the quake.