KCBS Radio Wins National Headliner Award For Coverage Of California Wildfires

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Friday, April 19th
KCBS Radio has won a prestigious National Headliner Award for the station's reporting on wildfires across California in 2018. 

The Press Club of Atlantic City, which gives out the honors, recognized the work of reporters Holly Quan, Jenna Lane, Doug Sovern, Jeffrey Schaub and Megan Goldsby, and anchor Stan Bunger in the category of breaking news or continuing coverage of a single event. The team of journalists fanned out across the state to report on blazes in Yosemite, Redding, Paradise and other locations. 

The judges made special note of the production quality, and commented that "reporters tell their stories with urgency and compelling interviews that include lots of great descriptions from homeowners and others affected by the fire."

Listen to a compilation of the award-winning reports here.