In Australia's Disaster, a Vision of California's Fire Future?

KCBS Radio In Depth
Thursday, January 16th
For many in California, the unfolding wild land fire disaster in Australia is all too familiar: Just as we saw during California’s own fires in recent years, in Australia, dry, hot conditions and strong winds are producing fast moving fires and devastation on a scale few were prepared for. 

With so much in common, on this edition of KCBS In Depth, we’re going to ask the question, what lessons might Australia’s unfolding tragedy have for California?

In the first half we’ll be hearing how firefighters on both sides of the Pacific are working together to fight these blazes and what they’re learning in the process. Then in the second half fire scientists weigh in on what role climate change is playing in creating the conditions for fire in Australia and around the globe.  

Kim Zagaris, wildfire policy and technology adviser for the Western Fire Chiefs Association
Crystal Kolden, professor with the University of Idaho’s Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences department
Scott Stephens, professor of fire science and the chair of the Division of Ecosystem Science at UC Berkeley 

Host: KCBS reporter Keith Menconi