How to Rock an Open Mic Concert

How to Bay Area
Monday, February 18th
Up and coming musicians in many cities would be hard pressed to find a stage on which to perform, but here in the Bay Area a thriving open mic circuit offers up an array of welcoming venues that give newbies a chance to sharpen their performance chops in front of supportive crowds. 

For all those out there that have always had a nagging suspicion that they just might be the next Bob Dylan, or for anyone who just wants to understand what's going on in the local music scene, this is the episode for you. 

What are the best places to perform? How can newbies make sure they put their best foot forward? Where does one find those legions of adoring fans? And most importantly, who is making this scene happen and how can we support them?

Hear about all that and more in this edition of How to Bay Area, KCBS Radio's new podcast explaining how to get stuff done in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Hosts: KCBS Radio Reporters Keith Menconi and Melissa Culross 

Megan Slankard, San Francisco-based musician 
KC Turner of KC Turner Presents 
Brandi Cheek, lead singer for San Francisco-based rock band Swamp Child
Paula West, jazz and cabaret singer