East Bay School Districts Take Education Funding Battle to Sacramento

KCBS Radio In Depth
Friday, April 5th
About 300 students, educators, administrators and parents from Alameda County took time out of their Spring Break holiday this week to hop on buses and make a trip to Sacramento where they rallied in support of increased state funding for education. 

The rally comes amid a moment of heightened activism for public education in California following high profile teachers strikes this year in both Los Angeles and Oakland. Of course, complaints of under funding in California's public school system are nothing new, but could all this organizing be a sign that we've reached a tipping point? 

On this edition of In Depth we go looking for answers by taking a little ride along. We follow the rally goers as the event progresses and bring you interviews with key participants as well as education experts to find out where all this education activism is coming from and what it's building toward. 

Host: KCBS Radio reporter Keith Menconi 

John Fensterwald, who writes for Ed Source, an online education news outlet based in Oakland
Parvin Ahmadi, the Superintendent for the Castro Valley Unified School District and a member of the East Bay Coalition for Public Education