California Changed its Police Use-of-Force Standard. Now What?

KCBS Radio In Depth
Friday, August 23rd
This past week California set a new, higher standard for when police officers are permitted to use deadly force. 

Supporters of the change see this as a watershed moment for policing in the Golden State, and say the new law is an important step in reducing the number of police shootings. But many skeptics -- from both the law enforcement community and those critical of law enforcement -- say they don't expect the just-signed law will change much at all. 

In this episode of KCBS In Depth, we dig into the new legal standard to find out what exactly the governor just signed, and how police and advocates are responding. 

KCBS Radio political reporter Doug Sovern 
Greg Woods, a professor at San Jose State University’s Department of Justice Studies

Host: KCBS Radio eporter Keith Menconi