AI Makes its Way into Job Hiring; is That a Good Thing?

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Thursday, April 25th
Many of us have experienced the nerve-wracking process of landing a job interview.

Now, imagine if that process is automated.

Tech website Gizmodo published a story on Wednesday about a growing number of companies pushing "digital recruiters" as a solution for job hiring.

One company's website says that its "A.I. powered Robot Recruiter" judges potential hires based on their resumes, along with facial and voice recognition data it gathers through automated video and voice chats with job seekers, to determine if someone will be granted an in-person interview.

But questions circulate as to whether a machine can properly choose who can and can't get a job.

For more... KCBS' Kim Foster spoke with Ring Miranda Bogen, Senior Policy Analyst with non-profit research group Upturn and author of a study that examines equality and bias in automated hiring.