Aftershock: An In Depth Look at Lessons Learned in the 30 Years Since Loma Prieta

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Friday, October 18th
It’s now been thirty years since the historic Loma Prieta earthquake pummeled the Bay Area, but what's really changed since the disaster? Buildings have been rebuilt, but are our structures any safer? Our wounds healed long ago, but have we done what is necessary to prepare for another earthquake? 

To mark the 30-year anniversary KCBS Radio hosted an hour-long broadcast of retrospective coverage that sought to answer those questions. It began at 5:04 p.m on Thursday October 17th, making its start time 30 years to the minute after the disaster struck in 1989. 

Listen in here to hear the full broadcast, hosted by KCBS anchor Stan Bunger as we reflect on how far we've come since Loma Prieta, and try to find out, are we ready for the next big one?

~ This program was produced by Nic Palmer, Eric Brooks and Don Bastida ~