Larry Chiaroni

Larry Chiaroni

Mon-Fri: 7 PM – 3 AM

The radio was always on when Larry was growing up, either in the car listening to Don Sherwood or in the backyard hearing Lon Simmons call a Giants game. "My dad got me into radio. He never turned the darn thing off and I thank him for that. I’m a radio nerd."

Larry has always been amazed how such a big bang can come from such a little box, be it a new Beatles record or word that the Berlin Wall is coming down. "I guess it’s that curiosity that keeps me going after nearly three decades on the air."

Larry says he’s been lucky enough to live and work in the Bay Area. Working at KCBS has allowed him to start a family and pursue some other passions besides radio like gardening and cycling. He’s still refining his apple tree grafting skills and trying to master some of the tougher hill climbs in Western Sonoma County.

"Here at KCBS, doing news 24-7 can take its toll, though. Some stories never fade away like the Oakland Hills Fire and the Polly Klaas kidnap and murder, stories that changed me forever."

"Instant and intimate is why radio still grabs you and I and it’s a treat to be on this ride. Thanks for listening."