Jim Taylor

All these years after graduating from high school in the East Bay and San Francisco State, Jim Taylor is still doing what he always wanted to do: working on the radio. From spinning the hits in Mendocino and Hawaii to rockin' and rollin' in Sacramento and San Jose. He joined KCBS in 1990, finally achieving the credibility that brought respect from his father.

He's met and interviewed presidents (Bill Clinton, George Bush), and rock stars (Van Halen, Lou Reed, Buddy Guy). He's met a Beatle (Sir Paul). He's covered fires and floods, earthquakes and street riots. Like his colleagues, he has won some awards. But the one that matters the most is the 1961 Punt Pass and Kick award framed and signed by Lee Iaccoca and Pete Rozelle. His most treasured journalism moment was when he was surrounded by a thousand chanting monks amid clouds of incense, watching the Dalai Lama descend through the fog to land on Mount Tamalpais.

For 15 years, Jim worked in New York performing news anchor duties on the CBS network and lived the fast-paced a-go-go lifestyle in Manhattan. But he will tell you now, it's good to be home. Good to be reconnecting with his roots. Good to be cheering for the Niners and the Giants and the A's again. "It's a privilege being here, doing what I do," Jim says.