Dan Mitchinson

Dan Mitchinson

"There's a sign I saw painted on a wall when I was traveling, it said 'As time passes, our new home becomes our old home.' I think that's a perfect description of how the Bay Area feels to me, it feels very much like home."

Dan started his radio career when he was just 16. "I was in high school, and wanted to find a way into the business. I decided to ask the advisor of my school's newspaper if I could write monthly articles about local radio people, TV anchors and celebrities. Once I got the OK, the first person I interviewed was my favorite nighttime DJ. When I went back to drop off a copy of the article I asked if I could intern with him. He said 'Sure, why not. Let me check with my boss. Come back in a month.' Well I did, but he had forgotten about me and didn't ask his boss if it was OK. However, since I was already there, he let me stick around, and one thing lead to another....and here I am today, still doing what I love."

Besides radio, Dan's other passion is traveling. "I've been called a bit of a vagabond. I love exploring new countries and meeting people from other cultures. There are so many stories out there in the world, that sometimes just reporting on them isn't enough. The best way for me is to go out and experience them." His favorite places? "That's a tough one" he says. "England has always been like a second home because I have family there. New Zealand has some of the friendliest people and most beautiful scenery in the world. I love Morocco because of the hospitality, and Egypt has some of the finest teas in the world. See, it's just too hard to choose."

Dan's broadcasting career included stops in San Diego (where he's from originally), Seattle, Sacramento and Portland. He's also an international U.S. correspondent for a New Zealand news network. In addition to radio, Dan has also served as a television anchor, reporter and weather anchor. His beats have included education, entertainment and politics. He's won numerous awards "most of which won't mean anything to anyone, but it's nice to be recognized by your colleagues" he says.

Dan is married "to my best friend from high school. It just took me 30 plus years to realize she was the one." They have two kids. You can follow Dan on twitter @dmitchinson ​