Tsugaru, a 47-year-old restaurant in Japantown In San Jose, announced that it is closing in July 2019.

Betsy Gebhart/KCBS Radio

Popular San Jose Restaurant Announces It's Being Forced To Close

July 15, 2019 - 8:55 am

By Betsy Gebhart

Another family-owned restaurant that's been around for generations in San Jose's Japantown is closing its doors.  

According to Tsugaru's owner who declined to be recorded  by KCBS Radio, a new landlord has bought the building and is taking the property in another direction. 

Loyal customers went nearly into panic when they learned that Tsugaru will close at the end of July after 47 years in business. 

The impending loss of Tsugaru follows the closure of two other landmark restaurants, San Jose Tofu and Wing's, that have also shuttered in Japantown.