Millennium Tower

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Leaning Millennium Tower Could Cost $100 Million To Straighten

Tim Ryan
December 04, 2018 - 8:10 am

SAN FRANCISCO — A proposal by residents to correct the tilting, sinking Millennium Tower in downtown San Francisco could cost $100 million, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report. 

The plan, which needs a Department of Building Inspection permit, would drive 52 steel and concrete piles into the bedrock 250 feet below Mission and Fremont streets. 

The permit application from the Millennium Tower Association said that the pilings would cost $30 million, but the Chronicle reported that it is just a fraction of the $100 million it would take to shore up the 58-story, glass-wrapped tower. 

A bill of that size has unsettled residents who fear that their investments in the property will lose value. 

The luxury building has sunk 18 inches and tilted 14 inches since it opened in 2009. Multiple lawsuits have been filed by buyers against the developer. 

"I would be concerned if we have a major earthquake," said San Francisco State geologist Ray Sullivan, who leads tours of the troubled building. 

In a separate problem, a window cracked on the 36th floor over Labor Day weekend leading to the temporary installation of scaffolding on the sidewalk.