A customer pumps gasoline into his car at a service station May 7, 2007 in San Francisco, California.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Gas Prices Jump A Little Higher

Tim Ryan
July 15, 2019 - 11:32 am

The price for a gallon of gasoline has risen almost 10 cents over the past several weeks, with the Bay Area recording the highest prices in the country. 

The prices are said to be increasing because of Tropical Storm Barry, now a tropical depression, that reached Louisiana this past week. Along with that, gas taxes that took effect on July 1 are also to blame for putting prices on an upward trend after weeks of declines, experts said. 

“Gasoline prices have reversed direction after dropping about 24 cents in a total of seven weeks,” says Trilby Lundberg, who conducted a survey. “Now in these three weeks they’re up a dime.” 

The highest U.S. gas prices sit right in the Bay Area communities, reaching close to $4.00 per gallon.

The lowest gas prices in the nation can be located in Baton Rouge, La. at $2.30 per gallon. The average national price for regular grade gas remains at $2.83, according to Lundberg. 

Diesel prices remain relatively low as they only increased by a penny in the same time period.

The price increase should only be short-lived, Lundberg said, because there doesn't appear to be an oil shortage.