Dozens Living In A Makeshift RV Camp In Berkeley Will Have To Leave

Tim Ryan
May 22, 2018 - 2:47 pm

BERKELEY, CA (KCBS Radio) - Changes are coming to a public parking area at the Berkeley Marina that's home to a growing number of people living in RV's, vans and trailers, after the city of Berkeley has told them to move on.

KCBS Radio reporter Tim Ryan spoke with several who still aren't sure where they'll go next.

The residents have about a week to move. There's estimated to be about 40 vehicles, some occupied by families, people who work and disabled people living with their dogs. Residents all say they enjoy living in the community, and they're sad to be splitting up.

Jessica Prado has lived there for more than a year and graduated as a journalist from UC Berkeley just a week or so ago. She says people in the community have taken care of her and even knocked on her door to offer her food when she was hungry. As for what they'll do next? Prado says, "It's just gonna be a little cycle where we all keep moving around from city to city" until a permanent solution is found.

David is disabled and lives next door with his bull dog Pepper, who he calls his daughter, saying, "I love her. Yeah she helps me out a lot, she gets me moving". He says he's going to miss the community because, "it was so peaceful, away from all the streets and the craziness over there".

Berkleyside reports there have been conflicts amongst the residents and people who live aboard at the Marina over things like trash and sewage disposal.  The general manager at the nearby Doubletree Hotel tells KCBS the camp is unsightly and some of his guests have complained. The city didn't immediately return calls about the evictions.