Humpback Whale Swims In Alameda Lagoon

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Alameda Humpback Whale Delights Public, Concerns Scientists

The Whale Has Been Swimming Near Alameda For Weeks

Tim Ryan
June 11, 2019 - 11:15 am

Humpback Whale Swims In Alameda Lagoon, June 11
ALAMEDA - They've dubbed her "Allie;" a humpback whale that's been hanging out in a small lagoon near the Alameda shoreline for several weeks. 

But experts from the Marine Mammal Center are worried that Allie is in less than optimum health. They say she's underweight, that her skin is lacking a healthy sheen, and that she simply isn't acting like a whale in good health should. 

Stephanie Asunción of Alameda has been keeping tabs on Allie, coming to the lagoon every day to see how she is doing. "I guess they say that if she's really active, then that's good. But yeah, she does go in circles. She'll just do her little circle and then once in a while she'll breech." 

It does appear that Allie may be able to get the food she needs where she is now, which is practically in the shadow of the U.S.S Hornet Aircraft Carrier, with large rays and what appear to be schools of anchovies swimming about. "That's why I keep thinking she wants to stay here because she's got a little smorgasbord all to herself," Asunción said.

Allie - being a Bay Area whale - is all over Facebook and even has her own profile, as whale-watchers and media outlets post pictures and videos of her activities in the Bay.

Humpback Whale Swims In Alameda Lagoon
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Whale Watchers Keep An Eye Out For "Allie" The Whale