Male student performing an experiment (Photo credit: Shannon Fagan)

(Photo credit: Shannon Fagan)

City College of San Francisco Adds 'Cannabis 101' To Their Program

Susan Leigh Taylor
June 21, 2018 - 3:33 pm

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS Radio) - There's middle school, high school, the "School of Rock" and now, there's Pot School. As KCBS Radio's Susan Leigh Taylor reports, City College of San Francisco will soon be offering marijuana workshops.

The idea came about by popular demand from both current students and the public at large. 

"Frankly, we just wanted to know more about cannabis after the legalization earlier this year." Tom Temprano, a City College of San Francisco trustee says, the workshops will be part of the continuing education program.

Cannabis 101 is exactly what it sounds like...the basics. There will be another workshop focusing on history and the laws surrounding marijuana.

"And then finally we're going to offer a class on cannabis as medicine." Temprano says they will also discuss how cannabis  can be used help those with many health issues and even how its being used in "end of life care".

So far, the response from both the cannabis industry and the general community has been positive and there's excitement that City College is bringing pot into to say. Temprano says as they look to the future, they'll be engaging with those in the industry to see what kinds of skill sets will be needed for that business.

The workshops begin next month.