Students eating green apples (Photo credit: Syda Productions)

SF-Marin Food Bank Tackles Student Hunger On College Campus

KCBS Radio's Scott Lettieri Reports

February 27, 2018 - 9:44 pm

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS Radio) - With college textbook prices through the roof and tuition & fees on a steady incline, families and students are facing some tough decisions. KCBS Radio's Scott Litteri reports on a Bay Area food bank that's doing its part to keep students who can't afford groceries from going hungry.

According to figures provided by the state, nearly 42% percent of California's State University students sometimes went hungry with almost half describing their food security as low or as Horace Montgomery, the interim executive director of associated students at San Francisco State says it's more like 50% to 60% percent.

Montgomery along with the SF-Marin Food Bank have collaborated to every Monday on campus provide healthy food.

According to Montgomery, they provide over 4,300 lbs of food, many fruits & vegetables, granola bars, juice and especially guidance to the some 150 students who line up each and every week.

"We have aides to show them how to use this food, they tend to use it more," Montgomery says. "Then the other piece is just a matter of providing them something that's healthy."

"The cost of schooling is rising at a faster rate than inflation," says Amy Williams, lead health educator at San Francisco State. "Our students are really having to face the difficult decision of 'do I pay for books or do I eat?'" 

First-year students like Lauren and Sidney say "it's important to have a healthy diet" in college.

"There's so much research out there that really just shows that if a student isn't well fed they're not able to concentrate as well as in class," Williams adds. "...and also to actually synthesize the material in an effective way to be able to use it later."