Seventh grader Aryan Mangal of Fremont won a national award for the app he invented to prevent child abuse.

Scott Lettieri/KCBS Radio

Fremont 7th Grader's Anti-Child Abuse App Wins National Award

Scott Lettieri
June 19, 2019 - 4:11 pm

A 12-year-old from Fremont has invented an anti-child abuse app that won a national award. 

Aryan Mangal's Sound Saver uses the power of sound waves to detect possible cases of child abuse. If the app monitors noise above 80 decibels or hears someone using profanity — possible clues that an abusive adult is mistreating a child — it begins recording and sends a message to family members that a potentially dangerous altercation is unfolding. 

"I found that child abuse can be screaming or a physical punishment and those two are usually tied closely together. So by doing this, I can detect that and start recording this," Aryan said to KCBS Radio. 

His app won first place in the seventh grade category at the recent national Invention Convention at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit.

Aryan's begun contacting non-governmental organizations that may be interested in using his technology and seeking a patent for it. 

"I don't want anybody to take this idea and commercialize it," he said.