"Full House" home

San Francisco Officials Vote To Ban Tour Buses At "Full House" Home

July 17, 2018 - 4:50 pm

San Francisco transit officials are cracking down on traffic at one of the city's most popular tourist attractions.

The board of the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency voted Tuesday to ban commercial vehicles at the site of the home that was featured in the popular sitcom "Full House" and its sequel "Fuller House". The exterior of the home at 1709 Broderick Street made frequent appearances in both shows as the residence of the Tanner family. 

Commercial vehicles with 9 or more seats, such as tour buses and vans, will no longer be able to park on Broderick Street between Bush and Pine streets.

Neighbors have frequently complained that large cars parked on the block make it difficult for people to pass by and present a safety hazard. Residents showed a time-lapse video at the board meeting showing the high level of traffic, and one testified, "There are signs that say double parking is not permitted but they ignore them. We've had several fender benders but we haven't had a fatality or an injury but I'm afraid that's comng up."

Board Chairman Cheryl Brinkman sided with residents, telling them, "I can only imagine how annoying that has been to have your street changed over the last year or so." Neighbors say the recent sequel has renewed interest in the property.

Heather, a tourist visiting from LA tells KCBS Radio she understands the ban, "If I lived on this street I probably wouldn't like it if a bunch of buses and tourists were coming by all the time" and her fellow traveler Lexi says, "Everybody coming on one street, it's pretty noisy".

The goal of the ban is to keep a steady flow of traffic on the street. It will not affect rideshare companies, although neighbors say Uber and Lyft also stop frequently to pick up and drop off tourists and contribute to the problem.

The ban goes into effect in 4-6 weeks.