Adorable sleeping child on the back seat of the car with safety belt...

(Photo credit: Ruslan Shugushev)

Safety Advocates Urge Parents Not To Leave Children Alone In Hot Cars

By Carrie Hodousek

June 21, 2018 - 2:13 pm

Thursday marks the first day of summer and already, this year 16 children across the country have died in hot cars. Safety advocates are urging parents to make sure their child is never left behind.

It only takes about 10 minutes for a car to heat up by about 20 degrees, and with temperatures expected to soar into the upper 90s and even 100s this weekend in the Bay Area, parents are being advised to keep their kids safe. President and Founder Janette Fennell said it doesn't take much for a child to get overheated in a car.

"Children can die in a hot car at temperatures as low as the high 50s," Fennell said. "So people need to really understand how quickly our vehicles heat up."

To remember to take your child, Fennell suggested putting something else you need in the back seat. 

"Put your cellphone, put your employee badge, your handbag, your briefcase, whatever you might need at the destination, where you're going to lock-up the car." Fennell said. "That will enforce you open that back door,"

While there haven't been any child hot car deaths in California this year, Fennell says these tragedies are predictable and preventable.