Ryan Wilson, 14, of Danville, has become well-known by chronicling his adventures in baking on social media.

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East Bay Teen Shows That Baking Is A Piece Of Cake In Viral Videos

July 20, 2018 - 7:00 am

By Carrie Hodousek

A Bay Area teen has become a viral cake-baking sensation.

Ryan Wilson, 14, of Danville, has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram where he regularly posts kitchen tutorials and photos of his towering, colorful creations.

"There are so many flavors of cakes you can do. There's all these ways you can decorate them," Wilson said. "The possibilities are endless."

He's not just Insta-famous. His YouTube tutorials, combined, have reached nearly 200,000 views. Wilson, who taught himself to bake, wants to make it easy for others to feel comoftable using a rolling pin, mixer and other essential utensils. 

"From the outside, cakes look really difficult, so I like to break it down step-by-step, so anyone, if they practice, they can totally make any of them," he told KCBS Radio while preparing an Oreo drip cake in his Danville kitchen. 

"This is one of my favorites," he said about the anilla-frosted, three-layer cake that's surrounded by cream-filled cookies. 

Wilson, who starts at Monte Vista High School in the fall, recently had a taste of success by winning a $10,000 prize on "Sugar Showdown" on the Food Network. He also appeared on "Kids Baking Championship." 

He's been baking since he was eight years old.

"I got an Easy Bake oven for my birthday one year. I started baking on that and then it became too easy, so I started using a real oven," Wilson said. Watching lessons on YouTube and baking shows on the Food Network helped him branch out. 

There's nothing genetic about his skills. His mother, Randi Wilson, said no one in his family bakes -- not even her.

"I do not bake. I just buy the ingredients," she said.

It typically takes Wilson about eight hours to finish one cake, which is why he usually bakes on the weekends. 

"The day before I just come up with a plan, come up with the flavor combination because I have to make the cake layers, but it's very on the fly," he said.

Though he shares what he makes with family and friends, he's often left with excess sweets that get thrown out. 

Wilson's goal is go to culinary school with hopes of hosting his own cooking show some day.

"I just want to show people how to make cakes," he said.​

Ryan Wilson, 14, of Danville, calls this "an Oreo drip cake."
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