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Copyright 2018 American Eagle Foundation

Mated Bald Eagles Couple Welcomed Two Eaglets To Washington D.C.

Rebecca Corral
May 03, 2018 - 4:46 pm

WASHINGTON D.C. (KCBS RADIO) - A second eaglet hatched Thursday morning at the National Arboretum nest in Washington D.C. KCBS Radio's Rebecca Corral tore herself away from the live feed of the new family...long enough to speak to an eagle expert.

"It might bring out ground hog or a rabbit or two in during the whole process as well. So the eaglets are getting a great diet," says Al Cecere, president of the American Eagle Foundation the nonprofit in charge of maintaining the Eagles habitat.

He explains how they will be able to go from weighing a few ounces now to the 7, 8 or 9 pounds that they will weigh in at just 12 weeks.

"These parents are very ferocious when they have a baby in the nest and they don't take anything from anybody." Cecere says. "They'll do all they possibly can to take out any animal that might up to the nest to try to harm their young."

The eaglets names? DC 6 and DC 7 because they're the sixth and seventh eaglets hatched and raised in this nest.

Watch DC6's hatch video!

Watch DC7's hatch video!