Election Polling Place Station. Government, booth

Election Polling Place Station. Government, booth (Photo credit: Jixue Yang)

Applicants Needed To Redraw Maps For California Elected Officials

Patti Reising
July 25, 2019 - 3:12 pm

The state of California is looking for a few good men and women with strong analytical skills and lots of patience for its Citizens Redistricting Commission.

The commission was created by California voters in 2008, authorizing a panel to draw the boundaries for  the district maps of members of Congress, the state assembly, state senate and the board of eqaulization. 

“The authors really wanted to keep the politics out of it, so they established this minimum eligibility requirement,” Margarita Fernández with the California State Auditor’s Office told KCBS Radio.

This was done to try and eliminate conflicts of interest, she said. 

“The minimum eligibility requirements are that you must have voted in at least two of the last three statewide general elections,” Fernández said. 

There are other qualifications as well in the initial application, due August 9. 

In the end, the 14-member commission will have five Democrats, five Republicans and four from other parties, those who declined to state or have no party preference. They’ll work together to create districts of relatively equal population with the goal of providing fair representation for all Californians. 

It’s a tough job, Fernández said, but commissioners have found it rewarding. 

“All of them have said, yes, there were times that were challenging, but would they do it again, and they all have said, ‘Absolutely.’”