Tattoo Giveaway Creates San Jose Sharks Fans For Life

Mike Colgan
May 16, 2019 - 6:02 am

SAN JOSE — The San Jose Sharks launched an offer that will give tattoos to dozens of fans every day that the team plays a road game during the NHL playoffs.

So many people showed up at in Sharks sweaters and other team apparel at the Players Ink tattoo parlor on Wednesday that the line stretched around the block.

The first 40 people on line were eligible to pick out a version of the team's logo that would be turned into a permanent display of allegiance to the hockey club. But there were about 150 people looking to take part in the offer on W. San Carlos Street. 

One woman who was second on line told KCBS Radio that she showed up the tattoo parlor at midnight to ensure she'd receive a screaming shark tattoo on her arm at 10 a.m. 

Sharks Marketing Manager Amanda Behrendt said the level of turnout was unexpected. 

"It was very surprising to see 150 people lined up this morning," Behrendt said. "It was very shocking and very exciting."

Fans will have more chances to get free tattoos during the Sharks' playoff run. More information is available on the team's website.