Community Center For Dogs Opens In Silicon Valley

Mike Colgan
December 03, 2018 - 12:15 am

SAN JOSE — A community center opened in Silicon Valley for dogs that offers yoga classes, space for pet birthday parties and workshops to modify pup behaviors. 

Pup Plaza, which opened last week, is the creation of the Silicon Valley Pet Project will also have arts and crafts, a boutique shop and "a quiet place for shelter dogs to get away from the stress of the shelter," according to their website.

It's being called the first of its kind in Silicon Valley. 

"We just recently had a dog birthday party here and there were 10 dogs here. They had a fabulous time and their people [did too]," said Melissa Lisbon, president of the Silicon Valley Pet Project. 

The yoga classes, which are called doga, are for dogs and their owners. There will be regular adoption events on weekends. 

"People inherently want to seek out community. As animal lovers, it's a great place spend time with other animal lovers, to network and to scheme about different ways we can help other animals in our community," said Ellen McBriarty, whose brought her two dogs to the canine center.

Veterinarian Dr. Stacy Hare said dogs socialize and develop friendships with other pooches at public parks

"They all have their groups of friends that they hang out with and play with," said Hare. "So this will just be another opportunity for them to hang out with their friends."