Mike Colgan/KCBS Radio

Police Recover Stolen Historic Shop Sign In San Jose

Mike Colgan
January 17, 2019 - 11:38 pm

SAN JOSE — The 1,000-pound sign that had been stolen from the shuttered Orchard Supply Hardware in San Jose in November has been recovered by the San Jose police. 

Investigators tracked down the culprit by reviewing crane rental records, according to Brian Grayson, the Preservation Action Council's executive director. 

The iconic arrow-shaped sign's vanishing had been lamented by preservationist's like Grayson. It had stood for 70 years at the oldest OSH location. It's now being held at History San Jose, Grayson said. 

"The next phase now is getting it back in shape and restored," he said. "For people who've lived here, certainly a long time, but almost any amount of time, they've had some connection to Orchard Supply Hardware, whether it just be their go-to shop for their home needs."

The sign was intact when authorities found it, but it needs to be repaired and relit, Grayson said. 

Police did not arrest the person who took the sign, because no one had filed a formal report about the theft. 

Lowe's, which acquired OSH in 2013, announced last year that it was closing all 98 branches