Ann Horner/Louis C.K. protest

KCBS Radio/Mike Colgan

Louis C.K. Appearance Sparks Protest At San Jose Comedy Club

Mike Colgan
January 17, 2019 - 11:02 am

SAN JOSE — It was a sold-out show Wednesday night at the Improv in downtown San Jose to see comedian Louis C.K. perform, but it wasn't only his fans who showed up. 

Demonstrators were there saying the comic should not have been booked, because of his admitted inappropriate sexual conduct

"Louis C.K. is someone who, by his own admission, has been a serial sexual harasser of women, including women in the workplace," said Stanford Law professor Michelle Dauber. "We think the Improv should not be giving him a platform when he has committed this much sexual harassment."

Dauber was joined by Ann Horner, who'd driven from Morgan Hill in the pouring rain to raise her voice in protest.

"I'm furious that the San Jose Improv feels that we can't find a better comedian than this, that he can make money off of people here," she said. 

Horner described the sign she brought to illustrate her strong feelings about Louis C.K.'s actions. "It says lewd and lascivious on his forehead, and it says keep your pants on."

The audience was primarily made up of men, but there were plenty of women lined up waiting to get into the club as well. 

"I make it a point not to follow too closely public figure's private lives," said Tiff Ting , adding that she wasn't bothered by the scandal. 

Other fans told KCBS Radio that they were unaware of the controversy that derailed C.K.'s career.

The San Jose Improv released a statement that says it respects the rights of protesters as well as Louis C.K.'s right to perform.

"We don't censor artists," the statement said, and called comedy "the final frontier." 

Louis C.K. is set to perform again Thursday night at the Improv. 

Written by Diana Shook