Work Like A Dog? How About Working With Your Dog

Pet-Friendly Offices Becoming Popular

Mike Colgan
October 29, 2018 - 12:30 am

It's a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to finding skilled workers, especially in tech, which is why some employees are using man's best friend to recruit and retain top talent. 

The trend toward canine-friendly offices in the Bay Area happens at a time that smaller dogs have become increasingly popular in homes. 

"There's a lot more pet owners that are in condos and townhouses as opposed to larger family homes, and therefore they're getting dogs that are a little smaller for the smaller space," said Ilya Neizvestny, owner of Pawing Around doggie daycare in San Jose. 

Some workers have the luxury of being able to bring their pets with them to the office. Alena Skelton, the talents program manager of Wrike, a tech firm in downtown San Jose, said that it's great to spend time with her dog Augie during the day. 

"I would prefer not to leave her alone for 10 hours. She's a very social dog," said Skelton. "I think it's great for her to be socialized and be around people and other dogs."

Sharing the workspace with dogs has been beneficial, according to Wrike's HR Manager Megan Barbier. 

"Having the option where people can bring them to work has resulted in a much more productive, much more engaged workforce," said Barbier.