A burglar threw a dumbbell through the front door of City Bagels in downtown San Jose, where businesses owners say  that crime is a problem.

Provided by City Bagels

Footage Shows Burglar Causing Expensive Damage For Almost No Money

Mike Colgan
April 13, 2019 - 12:27 am

SAN JOSE — Vandals and thieves have been smashing windows at downtown San Jose shops. 

In one recent example, an intruder threw a dumbbell through the glass door of City Bagels, just to steal less than $11 from the cash register. 

The storekeeper, who shared the recording with KCBS Radio, said that it cost more than $1,000 to replace the damaged entrance. 

Owner Kim Eng Tang was shocked by the footage. 

"We don't have anything in the store to steal," she said, adding that another business on her block had been burglarized in the past month. 

"A lot of places are having the same problem," she said. 

Michelle Azevido, from the San Jose Downtown Association, said her organization is aware of the problem. 

"It's never anything that's good, especially for downtown's image and our business owners and, of course, everyone who wants to do business in downtown," Azevido said. 

There's not a lot that her members can do about property crime like this, Azevido said, chalking it up to an unfortunate part of life in a big city.