Kimberly Ellis told KCBS Radio that she and her husband have delayed having kids, because of the cost of living, their long commutes and career ambitions.

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Many Tech Workers Say It's Too Expensive To Have Kids In Bay Area

Mike Colgan
September 17, 2018 - 3:38 pm

The high cost of living in the Bay Area has led many tech workers to put off starting a family or deciding to remain childless, according to a survey. 

The poll conducted by Team Blind, an online social network, found that 58 percent of tech workers surveyed blamed housing costs as an obstacle to raising children. 

Kimberly Ellis, who works in tech, told KCBS Radio that she and her husband don't have kids not just because of housing costs. She said that long commutes and scheduling child care also presented challenges. 

“How do you take care of a child? Perhaps you drop them off at day care,” Ellis said. “There’s the concern of, ‘Will you make it home in time to pick them up?’” 

Achieving career goals raised another set of questions aobut when to have children, she said. 

"In your 20s, you’re ambitious and kind of eager to make your stamp in the world. With today’s economy, you have to focus on where the work is,” Ellis said. “So you’re often moving. You need to be somewhat nimble for your job.” 

The poll was released last week and included responses from 8,244 employees from Apple, Uber, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Lyft and other Bay Area companies.

In the survey, 69 percent of Apple's workers said that the high cost of living discouraged them from having children. That was the highest of any company. At the opposite end of the scale was Oracle. Only 45 percent of that company's workers told poll takers that they had delayed raising kids due to costs. 

Written by Holly McDede.