San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon has sealed the marijuana convictions from 9,300 cases in the city going back to the 1970s.

Melissa Culross/KCBS Radio

Pot Convictions To Be Cleared In 9,300 San Francisco Cases

Melissa Culross
February 25, 2019 - 8:45 pm

SAN FRANCISCO — More than 9,300 misdemeanor and felony convictions related to marijuana charges will be erased in San Francisco, District Attorney George Gascon announced on Monday. 

With recreational cannabis legalized across California in 2018, Gascon had vowed to clear the records of people going back to the 1970s who had been essentially prosecuted for something that is no longer a crime. 

The cases identified by his office disproportionately involve minorities and people from lower economic classes, he said. 

"Drug use in this country occurs across economic and racial lines, but the people that end up being the subjects of the criminal justice system's attention are poor people and people of color," said Gascon. "There is nothing just about that."

Proposition 64 was passed by California voters in 2016 to legalize recreational weed for adults. It also allowed for convictions to be dissolved under certain conditions. 

San Francisco was the first city to announce it would remove pot convictions from people's criminal histories, according to the San Francisco Chronicle

The nonprofit Code for America worked with the district attorney's office to find the eligible cases.

Courts must still process the paperwork to expunge the cases, Gascon said, a process that will take several months.