Napa Police

Napa Police Release Body Cam Footage From Shooting Of Suspect

Megan Goldsby
December 10, 2018 - 3:58 pm

NAPA — Napa Police on Monday released the recording of a 911 call and edited footage from an officer's body camera from the fatal shooting of an allegedly armed suspect last week. 

David Molina, 27, died early on December 5 after police claim that he struggled with an officer for control of the cop's rifle. 

The body camera reveals the officer repeatedly told Molina to put his hands up and stop resisting an arrest, but the recording is too dark to see the altercation during the actual shooting.

"Someone said you have a gun," said the officer at the start of the encounter "Put your hands up. Don't reach into your pockets."

The officer, identified as Christopher Simas, followed Molina for several blocks. The chase ended near the Stonehouse apartment complex. 

Two volleys of gunshots are heard. Molina was shot four times, according to authorities, and the officer attempted to perform CPR. 

Police had been summoned after a 911 caller said that Molina "had put hands on" his girlfriend and brandished a revolver. "I saw the handle," of the gun, the caller said. 

Napa Police Chief Robert Plummer presented the call and a portion of the 16-minute video to reporters at city hall.