Teachers at the Manzanita School in Oakland discovered that vandals had caused extensive damage during spring break in March 2019.

Courtesy of Eyana Spencer.

Spring Break-In —Vandals Trash School During Vacation

Megan Goldsby
April 03, 2019 - 9:07 am

OAKLAND — Teachers and staff returned from spring break to find that vandals had caused extensive damage at their Oakland elementary school during the vacation. 

Windows were shattered, computers were busted, paint was smeared on walls and a toilet was broken into pieces by a large rock that formerly sat in the Manzanita Community School's campus.

"It was pretty stressful to come back from a nice spring break and find major vandalism in five or six different common spaces across the school," said Principal Eyana Spencer on Tuesday. 

Teachers and staff returned from spring break to Oakland’s Manzanita School to discover the building had been badly vandalized during the vacation. Windows were smashed, paint was splattered, a restroom was wrecked and more was broken at the elementary school. Authorities are investigating. The photos are from reporter @serendipity6000 and Manzanita officials. Hear more on KCBSRadio.com.

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School police are investigating. Spencer said it's easy to see that this was not the work of criminal masterminds. 

"It seemed to be probably a middle- or high-school-aged group of people," said Spencer. 

Lots of candy wrappers were left behind at the East 27th Street school, she said. 

The damage creates a hardship at a school where 90 percent of students are in the free-lunch program, said Oakland Unified School District spokesman John Sasaki. 

"It was thousands of dollars just in supplies, windows and toilets and all of that," he said. Workers will spent lots of hours cleaning and fixing up the mess too, he said. 

"The worst cost for us is just the disruption to the educational process," he added.