BART Police

BART Police (Photo credit: Sipa/USA)

BART Police Tell Their Side of the Story After Disturbing Video Leak

Megan Goldsby
February 21, 2018 - 8:02 pm

OAKLAND (KCBS Radio) - BART Police have responded to a leaked video of the January 3rd officer involved shooting outside the West Oakland BART station.  KCBS Radio’s Megan Goldsby has the story.

In the video, you can see two men struggling outside the West Oakland BART station after gunshots are heard and an officer running up and shooting and killing 28-year-old Saleem Tindle.

BART Police Chief Carlos Rojas said that video was leaked after a viewing with the Oakland Police Department and the family.
"So I felt it's very important, not only for us to get our side of the story out, but for the integrity of the ongoing investigations."

Tindle's brother, professional boxer Karim Mayfield tells KPIX 5 he was the one that posted the video on Facebook.
"The officer, he did say it, but he gave him no time to even complied to what he was saying." 

Rojas says there are several investigations ongoing and he knows the footage will look different to everyone but he sees one thing overall.
"As everybody is running into the station in a frenzy, he's running towards the gunfire and what I call that is courage."