A view of a bridge connecting Oakland and Alameda.

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Flooding From Climate Change Threatens $50 Billion In Bay Area Properties: Study

Matt Bigler
August 01, 2019 - 9:32 am

Billions of dollars in Bay Area real estate could be at risk of flooding due to rising sea levels, according to a new analysis.

By the year 2050, Bay Area homes worth about $50 billion are at "grave risk" of coastal flooding, according to the study by Zillow and Climate Central.

If nothing is done to combat global warming, more than 80,000 properties could be underwater by 2100, the study found. 

Across California, more than 140,000 homes are threatened by rising see levels. There's an interactive map that shows which sections of the Bay Area are most vulnerable. 

Alameda County has more than 21,000 properties that could be underwater, the most in the Bay Area.