It's A Fashion Emergency

Stylized Masks In High Demand During Air Quality Crisis

Matt Bigler
November 17, 2018 - 12:15 am

SAN FRANCISCO — A San Francisco company that makes niche face masks is struggling to keep up with demand for its product that combines fashion with filtration.

What makes Vogmask's products different from the generic competition is that these cloth versions come in a variety of colorful prints, like cheetah spots or honey bees. 

"What's happened here in the Bay Area has been insane," said co-founder Wendover Brown, about the heavy smoke that's settled in to the region as a result of the most deadly fire in California history in Butte County. "We don't want another day of poor air quality." 

At $30 each, Vogmasks are considerably more expensive than paper masks, but they can be washed and reused instead of just thrown away.

The phone has been ringing 24/7 at the Russian Hill home of Vogmask's co-founder during the current air quality catastrophe. The masks meet the N95 rating for protection against particulate matter in the air. 

"It's just one call after the other," said Mark Brown, Wendover's husband, whose been fielding orders. "It's continuous. It goes on all night."