Campground Evacuated Due To Flood Risk From Storm

Matt Bigler
February 05, 2019 - 1:22 pm

MORGAN HILL — The big storm system brought both smiles and frowns for Bay Area residents on Monday and Tuesday. 

Some drivers were treated to a rare snowfall, which proved distracting in some cases in the Santa Cruz mountains, while campground residents were displaced by the threat of flooding near Morgan Hill. 

Residents of the Thousand Trails Campground were told to evacuate after the Uvas Reservoir reached capacity and began spilling over its banks. Camper Walter Lynch got word to clear out just before the Super Bowl. 

"We were ready to have our Super Bowl party and then, all of a sudden, they said we had an hour to get out," said Lynch, who was staying in an RV in the camp. 

The campground is scheduled to reopen Tuesday.  Not everyone was complaining about the weather. 

The storm brought a rare blanket of snow to the Santa Cruz Mountains, delighting commuters, dog walkers and families, who were playing in the winter landscape on Tuesday morning. 

"It's really nice to take in. It's a like a little winter wonderland up here. It's really pretty," said one man. 

There were two car crashes on back country roads, according to California Highway Patrol officer Sam Courtney. 

"I've seen a lot of motorists driving with their cameras out trying to get that shot as they're driving," said Courtney. "Not the safest idea. We don't want distracted driving added in to these wet weather, icy conditions."