Tesla Model S P90D

Tesla Model S P90D

Tesla Recalls Over 100,000 Model S Sedans

Matt Bigler
March 30, 2018 - 6:33 am

(KCBS RADIO) - Tesla is ending a bad week with even more bad news: the company has announced a recall of over 100-thousand Model S sedans. As KCBS Radio's Matt Bigler reports from our Silicon Valley Bureau the recall comes as the company faces a federal investigation over a fatal crash on Highway 101...

This recall covers over 100,000 Model S sedans built before April of 2016. The company says bolts holding the power steering motor in place can corrode, possibly causing a loss of power steering.

It's Tesla's biggest recall ever. But analysts say it's not really that big a deal.

"I don't think so. Recalls are routine. This has been a week of bad news and a lot of it." Russell Hancock president and CEO of Joint Ventures Silicon Valley tells KPIX 5, the biggest bad news was last Friday's fatal crash of a Model X in Mountain View.

"Their credit has just been downgraded by Moody's, their stock price is falling." Hancock adds. "So all of these things are combining to give Tesla a real black eye right now."

We are learning that the driver of that Model X, Walter Wei Huang had reportedly complained to Tesla about the vehicle's autopilot. His family tells KGO-TV the autopilot kept veering in the car toward the same barrier on Highway 101 into which he would later crash.

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Tesla released a statement saying there had been a concern about the car's navigation not working properly but autopilot performance is unrelated to navigation